By The Dallas Morning News: Jim Rossman | 01 October 2020 | 0 Comments

WISFOX Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

The press comes from The Dallas Morning News.

What made me want to try the WISFOX Wireless Keyboard and Mouse was the $33.99 price at Amazon. Look

This is a no-nonsense set, but it does the job well.

The keys on the keyboard are quieter than the keyboard that shipped with my Dell desktop. They also travel a bit more, meaning they sit higher and have to be pressed a bit more than I’m used to with the Dell keyboard.

I’m used to a keyboard’s rear feet having two settings to adjust the angle of the keys to the desk. This keyboard is not height-adjustable.

The optical mouse has three buttons (left, right and pressing down on the scroll wheel).

The scroll wheel is also silent during use, which I like.

The keyboard uses one AAA battery and the mouse uses one AA. Neither battery was included.

Setup consisted of inserting the batteries and plugging in a small USB receiver to my PC. The USB receiver was stored inside the battery compartment of the mouse.

I wasn’t familiar with WISFOX, but Amazon lists this combo as “Amazon’s Choice” for a quiet keyboard and mouse.

Now you know.

Pros: Simple to set up, and both keyboard and mouse are really quiet.

Cons: Keyboard is not height-adjustable.

Bottom line: This set won’t break the bank and won’t disappoint.

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